Whether camera platforms, cable overpasses or studio substructures - we have the right material for every requirement profile to set the scene for your event. In doing so, we build up the element you want according to your requirements and sketches. Alternatively, our employees will be happy to advise you and plan according to your specifications. The following materials are used:

  • Layher-Allround scaffolding
  • Layher-Event scaffolding
  • BÜTEC stage floors
  • Schnakenberg stage floors
  • Prolyte beams

Of course, there are building and TÜV certificates from all manufacturers for all elements.

Excerpt from our range

  • Grandstands
  • Camera platforms
  • Cable overpasses
  • Studio substructures
  • Presenter seats
  • Space frames
  • Special designs according to customer requirements


  • Qualifying Draw 2010
  • Europa league Final 2013
  • European Championship 2010 Ukraine / Poland

Examples of our raised platforms

  • davis-cup.png
  • dfb.png
  • rtl.png
  • sky.png
  • uefa.png
  • zdf.png